The Tile Project, Destination: The World / 073USILSch

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Sabra Schmudde and Travis Alber and

Sabra Schmudde
Sabra Schmudde runs the ceramics studio and gallery, “Earthcircles.” Her work, featured in
Studio Potter Magazine (June 2003), explores the human form and spirit through carved
pottery, sculpture, and functional work.

Travis Alber
Travis Alber is a digital artist in Los Angeles. Her work often focuses on motion and interface
experimentation, and many of her projects are built around interactive narrative.

About the tile –United States of America, Ceramic, Reduction, High Fire, Cone 10: These
tiles are made from the ingredients for farming: soil and minerals. They are close to this natural process,
and close to the earth. The marks on the tiles are unique to the potter’s wheel: They represent the stars and
stripes of our flag, the tread marks of the tractor wheels, the people who live here, and, at times, myself.
Finally the piece is fired, making the marks permanent, just as time strengthens our bounds to one another.