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Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson’s work mixes technology and traditional art issues. Trained as a painter,
she integrates the semiotics of computer graphics and interactive media with art-object creation. She has exhibited extensively* in museums and galleries nationally, internationally, and of course, on line. As the Assistant Director of TransCultural Exchange, Caroline is in charge of the web site you are presently viewing. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Design program at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

About the tile: The figure on the tile is taken from Runic, an alphabet/ symbol set used by ancient Germanic tribes to invoke nature's energies. This letter, commonly used in combination with others, can be identified as "Elhaz," for protection; or "Mannaz," for human. The technique is vitreous glass mosaic. Thanks to Karen Ami of Mudhouse Studios.

* Judy Saslow Gallery, Gallery 180 (Chicago), The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland's Bonfoey, William Busta and SPACES Galleries, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Arnoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, and the Mansfield Art Center (Ohio); The New Art Center, Gallery 10, Foundry Gallery, the Washington Women's Art Center (Washington, DC); Palfy Palace and Socha y Objekt V (Sculpture and Object 5), Bratislava, Slovak Republic; The Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minnesota); the Plains Art Museum (North Dakota); and others. See