Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part III   Global

Image:Ellen Schön

Ellen Schön • USA
Pirjo Heino • Finland
Karmela Berg • Israel,
with assistance from Avi Sperber • Israel,
and Aliza Gilboa• Israel

According to the artists, “Waterfall—an exhibit, installation, film and performance—explores the theme of water as a metaphor for life. Water is seen as transformative and healing, as well as a tangible resource that needs to be protected. The title Waterfall conveys both the idea of abundant water AND water at risk.” The project has several components: an open call to artists to donate photos of water, a film “tracing the geographical and environmental changes [from the] the so-called Entrance to Eden in the relatively water sufficient north to the Dead Sea in the arid south,” an installation, including representations of waterfalls, and an interactive component. “A portion of the project’s proceeds, the artists write, “will be donated to WaterAid, an international nongovernmental organization. WaterAid’s mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. Founded in 1981, the charity currently works in rural and urban areas in seventeen countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Region through its fundraising and policy offices in London, New York and Melbourne.”

Exhibition Venues:
The Nave Gallery • Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
April 2—26, 2009
The Nave Gallery is a collaboration between ARTSomerville and the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church. Through a guest curatorial program, the gallery provides both local and regional artists opportunities for artistic exchange and exploration. An important partner in Somerville’s vibrant arts community, the non-profit Nave Gallery is run and staffed completely by volunteers.

The Art Gallery Ripustus • Hameenlinna, Finland
June 2—28, 2009

Printmaker and curator Pirjo Heino founded Art Gallery Ripustus in 1993.
The gallery presents artists and exhibitions from near and far. The remotest exhibitions have been from India and Australia. Usually there are twelve to fifteen presentations a year with an annual attendance of 350-400 visitors.

Israel: Machom Hamaim, 7 Hasomer st., Givataim
March 11 — April 4, 2011.