Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part I   Urban


Image: Elena Mastraci                              Image: Maggie Stark

Travel in Memory
Elena Mastraci • Italy
Kristoffer Ardena • The Philippines/Spain
Maggie Stark • USA

Travel in Memory is based on the idea that rubbish dumps are, according to the artists, “graveyards of modernity,” “cemeteries of contemporary life,” a memory of what once was. New technology and fashions replace old (now seen as superfluous) objects; and, in this way, rubbish becomes a sign of a society increasingly oriented towards consumption. Acting as urban archaeologists, the artists photographed garbage on the streets of their hometowns. Each photo has a story—a trace of the trash’s previous existence. The artists then swapped photos, placed them on their streets and re-photographed them. They, thus, re-contextualized the original garbage, creating brilliant snapshots of our decaying past, now recycled as yet another product of our age.

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