Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part I   Identity

Image: Leonara Calderson

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Mikki Ansin • USA
Leonara Calderson • Chilie
Esther Sobin •USA / France

About the work, which will be a combination of text and images, Ansin writes, “Would Ingmar Bergman have produced his heart wrenching films had he been raised in the sweet soft sun of the Vaucluse (or Southern California) rather than in the grey cold of Scandinavia? Are our personal identities formed so strongly by the space around us? Or what else is there? Are we really all the same? “We three photographers are collaborating on a project to explore the concept of Identity as defined by the environment. Sobin is from the South of France and works with black and white gelatin silver landscape images. Calderon from the Pacific coast of Chile works in experimental live action and still photography; and Ansin from urban Cambridge is a documentary photographer. “Because our outlooks are so disparate, we will be examining how we can combine our art. We are each using a four-foot wide panel divisable in two sections. The combined panels will be presented closely joined together during the initial presentation of the display. All panels will be later separated and re-ordered during the exhibition’s run. Will the words then have meaning? Will the images form something new? Or, are we really all the same?”

Exhibition Venue:
Toscanini’s • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
April 2009
Deemed ‘the world’s best ice cream’ by The New York Times, Toscanini’s attracts ice cream aficionados from far and wide. Toscanini’s also is a proud member of the local community and has funded initiatives at area schools and local charities. Toscanini’s frequently participates in projects with organizations such as The Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association, The Brattle Theatre Foundation, Secret Gardens of Cambridge Tour, Broadway Bicycle Birthday Party and area universities such as MIT and Harvard.