Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part I   Identity

Stand my Ground, Stand your Ground
Ozlem Kalkan Erenus • Turkey
Tommy Barr • Northern Ireland
Sefa Ulukan • Turkey

The two artists recognize that while their work is different, and their backgrounds and life experiences couldn’t be more dissimilar, they still strongly feel there is a link between them. For their collaboration, they began working on their works individually and then emailed jpegs of their pieces to each other so that the other could respond to them. The new works were then displayed—half in Northern Ireland; half in Turkey—in a grid format to provide a provocative reconciliation of the differences in their works, while also making evident what the artists share in common. For the final iteration of the project, a third team member was introduced who made photographs based on the original paintings and images from the exhibitions. The artists write, “The objective is to intensify the connection—to symbolically make Here, There and Everywhere a single place, for a single instant.”

Exhibition Venues:
Tower Museum • Guildhall Square, Derry, Northern Ireland October 21—28, 2009 Derry is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Northern Ireland and has a fascinating history. The award-winning Tower Museum,which is located within the city’s historic walls, preserves this heritage by collecting, recording, conserving and making both collections and research available to the public. It also provides a forum for the understanding of diverse traditions through innovative exhibitions.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Taksim Art Gallery • Istanbul, Turkey September 24—October 10, 2008
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality opened the Taksim Municipal Art Gallery in the early 90’s as a distinguished venue for fostering the integration of visual arts within Turkey’s rich cultural spectrum. For over fifteen years, the gallery has served as a versatile artistic environment, showcasing innovative projects.