Morning Keynote: Seeing Science: Cultivating Aesthetics in Scientific Visualization

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Moderator: James Bird, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Boston


Felice Frankel, Science Photographer and Research Scientist, MIT
Kelly Krause, Creative Director, Nature •
Gaël McGill, Director, Molecular Visualization, Harvard Medical School and President and CEO, Digizyme, Inc.

This panel discussed the importance of scientific visualization for artists/designers, scientists/engineers and the general public. In their abstract, the panelists noted that "from science museum murals to the cover art of scientific journals, we are surrounded by visual images that seek to engage with their audience, as well as to communicate and inspire." They explored the challenges and rewards of creating work that is both visually transcendent and scientifically substantive, asking "How does one balance clarity and precision; artistic vision and scientific integrity?" They highlighted opportunities for artists, graphic designers and scientists who wish to expand their skills in this area. 

Information and guidelines for authors and photographers wishing to submit work to Nature is available here