Claro Ramirez

Artist Statement

I thrive on happenstance, deferring to involuntary and unplanned events as
ready recognition of my own very human limitations. I work with givens--space,
material, idea.

With process and medium being of prime consequence to my work, I
consciously keep attuned to visual clues left behind by my own and divine
intervention. While my initial choice of material may be purposively aesthetic,
theme is often enough drawn out of recent experience and circumstance. It is
this circuitous route--of discovering how melted-off bits of g.i. rods simulate
squeezed metal and pointillist marking, of how almost neurotically gnawed at
wooden sticks can translate into large scale terraced-like constructions, of how
employing castaway tree parts conjure images of distance and dislocation, of
how a misdirected grinder creates inadvertent texture, and how packing tubes
easily lend themselves to discourse on vision and perspective--these make for
occasions for progressive learning.

It is this building upon accidents and chores of the trade--of canvases gone
awry, of gathering up strewn about shavings, of stockpiling domestic refuse
and packing material--that hopefully leads to debunking notions of waste,
expanding legitimate sources of art, and the setting aside of a sense of control
over ultimate outcome precisely because we may need to work with

This iterated piling upon surface and idea, trusting that the violation and
negation doesn't come off as non-sensical, comes as a confluence of
replicating the unintentioned while creating layers of meaning. Personally, I
find that meaning comes from understanding, understanding comes from
wisdom, and wisdom from uncontrollables.

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