Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Thing: Part I   Hybrid

Frames of References of Frames

Lara Loutrel • USA • Visual Artist
Florian Foerster • Germany • Visual Artist and Engineer

For their collaboration, the artist Lara Loutrel and artist/engineer Florian Foerster created a series of three-dimensional prints, accompanied by a photographic diary and brief notes, recording how their anticipations and perceptions changed as the project progressed. Each of us, the artists wrote, “developed a print based on the instructions of the other. At the same time both artists started to investigate and develop a frame (a frame in the broadest sense—the treatment of the space around the print; this could be 2D or 3D) to house the anticipated print. The only pre-established information about this print was its size, that it would be in black and white and the instructions upon which it was based. “After both artists had completed their prints and frames, the prints were exchanged and placed into the frames. The artists issued new instructions and repeated the above process; and, after three to four cycles the project was stopped, the results documented and exchanged.”

Godine Family Gallery
Massachusetts College of Art and Design 621 Huntington Ave. TBA