Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Thing: Part I   Hybrid

Photo Credit: Simone Stoll

Interwoven: Icons and Ideas

Mary (Corey) March • USA • Artist
Jordan Kraemer • USA •Anthropologist
Sophie Menuet • France • Artist
Annysa Ng • China/USA • Artist
Linda Puerta • Columbia/USA • Artist
Simone Stoll • Germany • Artist

“This collaborative team,” Corey March writes, “consists primarily of women artists, all of whom use representational forms and the female body as part of their work—although in very different ways. Each of the participants also has lived in at least one other country at some point in their lives; and many of them use the same materials in their work—in particular, fabric. Through their collaboration, the participants sought to explore not only how much each of them have in common, but also to more carefully examine their differences in order to help refine and rediscover their own ideas through one other.

“The project started with each of the five artists and one anthropologist (Jordan Kraemer) providing an iconic or symbolic ‘seed image’ (drawing, sculpture or photo) and, simultaneously, a ‘seed’ concept (such as ‘rebirth’ or ‘death,’ for example), which they posted on a dedicated blog for the others to discuss and exchange their ideas. Then each artist created a concrete piece, based on a combination of one or more seed sketches and one or more concepts—thus, using at least two other artists’ submissions to create a work. Each artist was required to complete at least one piece and invited to do multiples in this fashion and/or work directly with another artist on secondary pieces. Kraemer contributed comments during the process and wrote a text contextualizing the icons within her own research. Afterwards, the resulting artworks and writings were shown together as a single collaborative installation, incorporating the ideas, symbols and images from all the participants alongside the group’s blog."

The Hampden and Central Galleries, University of Massachusetts • Amherst, Massachusetts, USA •
April 2011

Located on the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst campus, Hampden and Central Galleries’ mission is to facilitate cultural understanding through exhibitions and in-depth adjunct programming.
The main focus is on new work by emerging artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, video and new media.