Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Thing: Part II   Transformed

The Grafting Parlor
Lucy Hg • USA
Kelly Jaclynn Andres • Canada
Antti Tenetz • Finland
Saoirse Higgins • Northern Ireland
Nurit Bar-Shai • USA/Israel

“The Grafting Parlour,” the artists write, “is a collaborative research project by artists and scientists who exchange and combine their methodologies through playful experimentation. Based both in the gallery and laboratory, The Grafting Parlour (GfP) synthesizes the practices of artists and scientists while providing opportunities for the public to interact with and shape science." Formed through e-MobiLArt (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists) as part of its initiative for collaborative inquiry, the collective’s creative research takes the form of active specimen creation and collection, trans-continental trans-polar science experiments and science as performance. GfP is the brainchild of artists Kelly Andres, Nurit Bar-Shai and Lucy Hg of the League of Imaginary Scientists along with Saoirse Higgins and Antti Tenetz. What the artists have in common is a playful mechanization of socially relevant and sometimes complex narratives as well as an eagerness to apply the same sideways approach to science. Scientific collaborators include synthetic biologist Dr. Natalie Kuldell and her MIT laboratory, biologist of the North Dr. Panu Oulasvirta and genomic engineer Jennifer Kuehl, with contributions from neuroscientist Dr. Jeff Lichtman, environmental researcher Dr. David Garin and neurologist Dr. Florian Thomas. GfP has an active Board of Directors, consisting of children ranging in age from four to twelve. Board membership expires when a child reaches the age of twelve, in alignment with the arc of childlike curiosity.
“The Grafting Parlour embraces the idea that anyone could imagine what the next science might be and that these playful ideas can have both practical and delightful ramifications in science. The idea of communicating to bacteria, for one, is playful and meaningful: What if we could communicate with cells to turn on or off certain properties, instead of combating them? This could be useful, yet also exciting on the simple level of being able to ‘talk’ to another species. By developing an interactive techno-ecological interface GfP asks, does a forest speak? And how can we talk to ecology?”
Partner Institutions:
European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists
European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists (e-MobiLArt) is a project tailored around the process of collaboratively creating interactive installation artworks in a multicultural, interdisciplinary context. The project supports artists’ hybrid research through organized workshops and exhibitions of the resulting interactive installation artworks, with the support of a team of curators and theorists active in the intersecting fields of art, science and technology, comprised of Roger Malina, Nina Czegledy, Annick Bureaud and Christiana Galanopoulou.

The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA)
The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies.
ISEA oversees the International Symposium on Electronic Art, a regular gathering of the international art, science and technology community, of which the pre-discussion symposium on Citizenship and Science was a part.

Exhibition Venues:
Lightwave 2009, Trinity College •
Dublin, Ireland
January 27—February 1, 2009
Lightwave 2009 is a festival hosted by the Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin. Lightwave showcases interdisciplinary projects that utilize interactivity, connectivity, participation and public engagement both confined by, and freed from the gallery walls. Located in the Science Gallery and throughout Dublin, the festival celebrates work that incorporates light into art, science and technology-driven collaborations.

2009 Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Arts, State Museum of Contemporary Art •
Thessaloniki, Greece
May 2009