Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Thing: Part I   Instructional

Instruction Series: Invitation Letter for Collaboration
Biljana Ciric • China/Serbia
in collaboration with artists from China

About the project, the curator Ciric writes:

Invitation Letter for Collaboration is a project partly inspired by Yoko Ono’s Instruction Series. Artists are invited to write a letter to people they know or don’t, but with whom they want to collaborate. These artists’ letters will attempt to show what criteria the artists chose as a means of collaboration, their wishes for collaboration and, at the same time, the possibility of collaborating today—a time in which so many artists typically work individually.

Instructions to the Participating Artists: Did you ever want to collaborate with someone or something, but never made it happen? Or did you ever want to collaborate with someone, but never had the chance? This project is your chance: You can send a public message to whomever you would like to work. With just a few sentences invite whomever you wanted to work with—be it Bush or Madonna or…All you need is a sense of humor and to send me [Ciric] a few words or image. It is all up to you. The final outcome of the project is a publication and web presentation in Chinese and English.

The project will start as an archive of artists’ wishes for collaborations and their invitations to people with whom they want to collaborate or people with whom they wanted to collaborate, but because of many reasons, never did. (For instance, the person who they wanted to collaborate with was too famous, already passed away…)

The project attempts to question collaboration and its difficulties— its failures and the unexpected outcomes that can come out of actual collaborations. At the same time, the project raises the issue of dialogue —the starting point of every possible collaboration.

Exhibition Venue:
The Internet (website address: TBA)