Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Thing: Part I   Instructional

To Illustrate the Space between our Work,
using Printmaking as the Model & the Medium

Lara Loutrel • USA
Florian Foerster • Germany

About their collaborative project, the artists write, “We are creating a body of prints that illustrates the space between the two places where we work, both the physical and mental space. By creating and exchanging instructions and creating and exchanging prints made from these instructions, we are establishing endpoints in lines that cross the space between us.” The project works this way: Loutrel creates instructions and mails the instructions to Foerster. She also makes a print from her instructions, as does Foerster. Foerster then mails Loutrel the print he made. She inspects the print, modifies her instructions and mails them back to Foerster. She then makes a second state of her print from her new instructions, as does Foerster. At the same time, Foerster is using the same process to make and send Loutrel instructions and prints. The process is similar to the printing process: Each print that results from inking and pulling a plate through a press creates a certain impression. The artist then compares the plate with the print, so that she/he can observe how the press interpreted the plate and make modifications to correspond to her/his original intentions for the print. By observing a number of proofs, then, one can see how an artist refines her/his vision and adapts the plates to better express her/his concerns. Thus, the project illustrates the working process of making prints as well as the way that ideas for visual works (communicated by the artists’ instructions) gain tangible form and the various ways that the communication of one thing can be interpreted by at least two others living in different places and with different life experiences.

Exhibition Venue:
Distillery Gallery • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
April 3—May 15, 2009

The Distillery Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery space located in the heart of the Distillery studio building in South Boston, MA. Focused on providing a legitimate outlet for artists working within the Distillery community, the gallery also welcomes invited guests to utilize the unique exhibit space throughout the year.