Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part IV   Psychological

Image: Chido Johnson/Mary Kim

Chido Johnson • Zimabawe/USA
Mary Kim • South Korea/Germany
Kathy Zarur • Palestine/USA
Elshafei Dafalla Mohamed • Sudan/USA
Pete McCormick • USA
Regan Wheat • USA/Italy
remembered landscapes
re-member land escape
membered land escapes

This collaborative team includes artists, architects and writers, as they write, “with diverse physical and psychological experiences of places that we are attached to and/or escaped from, searching for other places or rebuilding them within ourselves.” They propose to create “potential new spaces where our individual sense of personal place merges with the others to create a topography of place without edges.” To achieve their aim, the artists are purchasing six postcards. They are keeping one and sending the other similar postcards to each member of the team, which they will transform with texts and images that respond to the given postcard image. These will be presented on the wall as a collaborative piece—thirty-six postcards as six grouped images.

Exhibition Venue:
Central Gallery, University of Massachusetts • Amherst,
Massachusetts, USA March 1—14, 2009
Located on the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst campus, Hampden and Central Galleries’ mission is to facilitate cultural understanding through exhibitions and in-depth adjunct programming.
The main focus is on new work by emerging artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, video and new media.