Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part II   Nomadic

Image: Edda Akkermann

CROSSROADS: Nomadic Knowledge & Art Strategies

Eugenia Gortchakova • Germany
Shaarbek Amankule • Kyrgyzstan
Edda Ackermann • Germany
Astrid Baxmeier • Germany
Katja Butt • Germany
Claudia Christoffel • Germany
Marina Gertzovskaja • Germany
Eugenia Gortchakova • Germany
Marikke Heinz-Hoek • Germany
Werner Henkel • Germany
Sabine Himmelsbach • Germany
Shirin Homann-Saadat • Germany
Isolde Loock • Germany
Elisabeth Lumme • Germany
Angelika Middendorf • Germany
Mariella Mosler • Germany
Astrid Nippoldt • Germany
Helene von Oldenburg & Claudia Reiche • Germany
Corinna Schnitt • Germany
Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag • Germany
Insa Winkler • Germany

This project is a collaboration between Germany’s Kunstverein slap (social land art project) and Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek Art Center, organized by their respective curators Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany) and Shaarbek Amankule (Kyrgyzstan). The project began as an exhibition in Germany of works that focus on ecological issues. Many of the pieces consider man’s relationship to nature, including his/ her alienation and manipulation of it. In some cases as in Angelika Middendorf’s video, depicting a camel tied to a treadmill, or Edda Akkermann’s photograph of an attempt to ‘frame’ a seascape, the works somewhat humorously—but also poignantly—underscore our disconnect with the world at large. For the second part of the project, the team of German artists visited the nomadic regions of Issy Kul and took part in an expedition with kyrgyz artists and scientists from Bishkek University to gather materials for future exhibitions and works. They also attended lectures and made numerous studio visits, including to the Association Art- East and gallery Kuramaart, to chose artists to work with in the future. Their show there also provoked much interest amongst the artists and media; and they were invited to attend the international conference The World of Nomads: Past and Future at the Diplomati Academy of Kyrgyzstan. A catalog/calendar resulted from the project as well as plans for future exchanges and exhibitions between Kunstverein slap, Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek Art Center and and the Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst (directed by Sabine Himmelsbach). The project has proven fruitful for both sides: The difference of natural, historical, cultural and spiritual backgrounds helped both groups of artists view themselves through the eyes of the other. And for the kyrgyz art and cultural scene, the German artists were able to provide contacts with Western contemporary art venues.
The project is supported by the Institute for Foreign Connections, Germany (ifa).

Partner institutions:
Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst (House for Media Art)•
Oldenburg, Germany

This space was made possible by the generous bequest of the Oldenburg resident Edith Maria Ruß (1919–1993). Its focus is on current aspects of media art. Works by media artists are regularly shown and presentations, artists’ meetings and scholarships all contribute to the public discussion of media art. In addition, twice a year, internationally active media artists are invited as artists-in-residence to develop projects and workshops. The workshops are carried out in co-operation with the Media Art supplementary course at Oldenburg University.
Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch (Museum for Nature and Humankind) • Oldenburg, Germany In 1835, Oldenburg’s Grand Duke Paul Friedrich August bought a collection of natural history objects. This was the beginning of a museum that is today housed in the late-classicist brick building dating from 1876—79 on the Damm and in the former Grand Duke’s state library, dating from 1846. Today the museum is known in Germany for its interdisciplinary projects on natural and cultural history in collaboration with artists.

Exhibition Venues:
Bishkek Art Center • Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
July 25—August 14, 2008
Bishkek Art Center was founded to develop Contemporary Art in Kyrgyzstan. An important aim of the Center is the development of an open and universal creative space that will cultivate creative collaboration and cultural connections between artists, creative stakeholders and local communities in Kyrgyzstan and different countries. Particular focus is given to promoting innovative projects between established and young artists who work in the fields of traditional and contemporary art.

In the beginning of 2009 there also will be presentations of the project CROSSROADS: Nomadic Knowledge & Art Strategies at the Edith-Ruß- Haus für Medienkunst and in the Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch in Oldenburg. Additionally, exhibitions are planned in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg for 2009.