Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part I   Urban

Julia Blaukopf USA
Barbara Wilson Denmark

Using the theme of daily life and the city of Copenhagen as their point of departure, photographer Blaukopf and artist Wilson will create an installation within the space of Copenhagen's National Theatre School. Wilson will paint and draw on Blaukopf's photos, all the while incorporating the exhibition space as part of the work in order to create "a dance of depth, color and texture that extends from the surface of the prints...developing as we [the artists] create the space. It will respond to the conditions of the environment to become a token of the moment."

Exhibition Venue:
The Danish National Theatre School
Copenhagen, Denmark
Spring 2009
The Danish National School of Theatre is one of the premiere institutions in the world that offers training in both theatre and contemporary dance.
Located in Copenhagen, the school exemplifies modern Danish design, incorporating glass enclosed hallways, natural wood elements and ample access to natural light.
The Danish National School of Theatre trains actors, directors, scenographers, stage managers, production managers, sound and lighting technicians, dancers, choreographers and dance pedagogues. About one hundred students and faculty work and study on the campus, composed of studio spaces, theaters, study rooms, offices, lounges and cafes.