Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part IV   History

Plague – Present, Past and Future
Produced by J&W management consulting:
Patricia Jacomella • Italy
Maria Walther • Switzerland
Participating Artists
Al Fadhil • Iraq
Alessandro Vicario • Italy
Ivano Facchinetti • Switzerland
Stefano Donati • Switzerland
Luisa Figini • Switzerland
Andrea Gabutti • Switzerland
Alex Leuzinger • Switzerland
Antonio Lüönd • Switzerland
MFB • Switzerland
Gianluca Monnier • Switzerland
Pascal Murer • Switzerland
Andrée Tavares • Switzerland

From September 26 to October 26, 2008, Switzerland’s J&W management consulting met with twelve other artists in the Space for Contemporary Art bluvanoni, a chapel in Losone, which was built in the eighteenth century as a votive offering by the survivors of the plague.
The artists chose “this very church, in order to speak about the plague as a constant that accompanies humanity throughout the centuries with all its variations. We have asked ourselves the following questions: ‘What are the marks left by the pestilences of the past in the course of history up to the present? And nowadays, what are the links between the plague of the past and the plague of the present?’
“In the fourteenth century a new society and a new culture developed after the plague. In Europe in the seventeenth century, two thirds of the population died of the plague, which was transmitted by rodents coming from the other side of the ocean…The pestilence was preceded by a severe economic crisis, wars and huge climatic changes. All this caused fears and uncertainties about the future; but after a first period of despair, thanks to the plague, it was possible to start satisfying every appetite. Only a few remained to share inheritances and successions of real estate, and the huge amount of property that was available for everyone made them turn to lasciviousness without restraint, forgetting the crises of the past.
“Thus, during the course of their exhibition, the Space for Contemporary Art bluvanoni was put under quarantine by J&W management consulting. The building was isolated and covered by a big black tarpaulin so that twelve selected artists would be able to work in an uncontaminated environment and find the answers for the future of society, culture and art. To avoid contamination during the exhibition, the visitors were invited to put on a facemask, which was distributed freely outside the church. During the exhibition several meetings and happenings took place. At one round-table discussion, presided over by a historian, politician, doctor, psychologist and artists, a very interesting detail emerged. The huge epidemic of plague, which affected the European Continent and annihilated fifty percent of the population, paradoxically started a new era. The plague was the passage between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.”

Exhibition Venue:
bluvanoni—spazio per l’arte contemporanea bluvanoni (Space for Contemporary Art) •
Losone, Switzerland
September 26—October 26, 2008
The Space for Contemporary Art bluvanoni is a chapel in Losone, which was built in the eighteenth century as a votive offering by the survivors of the plague. Nowadays a mass is said in the chapel once a year; and the curator Ivano Facchinetti regularly prepares exhibitions on specific topics.