Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part II   Community

Image: Jonas Ohlsson

Everybody Here Comes From Somewhere
Femke Lutgerink • The Netherlands
Leonie Bradbury • USA
Saskia Janssen • The Netherlands
Jonas Ohlsson • Sweden
Sarah Slifer • USA

Everybody Here Comes From Somewhere is a multi-media exhibit created as the result of an international collaboration between three artists (Janssen, Ohlsson, and Slifer), two curators (Lutgerink and Bradbury) and the Montserrat College of Art, including faculty member Ethan Berry. About their project, the team writes, “Is it not strange that you can live in a social environment for years without knowing what is going on at the other end of your street? Is it not peculiar that you sometimes seem to know a lot about your neighbors without ever meeting them properly? Everybody Here Comes From Somewhere tries to reflect upon the inner workings of communities, to take apart prejudices, to discover hidden heroes and to set some records straight. The exhibit ties together those separate drifting islands that make up a community just for a moment in time, but hopefully will extend beyond the exhibit’s scope. “Artists Janssen, Ohlsson and Slifer will create site-specific projects in reaction to and in collaboration with members of the local Beverly community, the students of Montserrat College of Art and each other. Janssen creates site-specific installations and interventions, often accompanied by experimental graphic design. With her working method she sheds unexpected light upon the communities she works with; and often, she creates tools to empower them. Ohlsson combines drawings, text and music into large-scale installations that deal with both political and social issues. In his work he does not shun to be critical and break with taboos. Slifer is a professional choreographer and contemporary dancer who takes on the duality that she sees exists within the sociocultural fabric of a community and translates it into a performance using dance and improvisational movement. “During intense working periods in the fall and the winter of 2008/09 the artists will produce new work for the spring exhibition, incorporating several site-specific installation pieces, drawings, graphic design elements and performance components. The opening reception will include a dance/sound performance by Slifer, Ohlsson and student collaborators. All the events and creations will be documented and incorporated into an interactive DVD publication, which will be distributed internationally through Aspect Magazine’s distribution network. This exhibit will challenge all ‘traditional’ boundaries of (art) disciplines while simultaneously breaking community taboos. Everybody Here Comes From Somewhere is an adventure into the unknown.”

Exhibition Venue:
Montserrat Gallery, Montserrat College of Art •
Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
January—February 2009
Montserrat College of Art is a private, non-profit art college located on the North Shore of Boston. It offers a 4-year BFA program and provides an intensive visual arts education that enables students to sustain a lifelong involvement in art and design and to become informed, responsible members of society. In addition, Montserrat is committed to contributing to the cultural life of its surrounding communities.