Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part II   Family

Cook the Families’ Stories Up
Pan Ping—Yu • Taiwan
Lisa Cherkasky • USA

Cook the Families’ Stories Up is a piece about family, love, cuisine and culture. For the project Pan will transform family recipes and stories that she and Cherkasky have solicited into sculptures that will form part of a larger installation, including some of the recipes and photos received.

Exhibition Venue:
Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts •
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
November 2009
Located on the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst campus, Hampden and Central Galleries’ mission is to facilitate cultural understanding through the presentation of exhibitions and in-depth adjunct programming. The main focus is on new work by emerging artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, video and new media.