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Dear Coaster Friends,

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Last Thursday giveaway was GREAT/HILARIOUS/UNBELIEVEABLE and WILDLY FUN!!!!! There was another article in our morning paper so people were reminded that that was the date, plus the museum appears to have a very loyal Thursday night following. The event was publicized to be from 5-7pm but when I got there at 4:20 there were already people gathered and they WANTED COASTERS! I set up a table to display the work and managed to get about 50-60 of the coasters out along with all the support information. The museum had printed table-top "tents" that also expalined the project which was very helpful.

Many of the early arrivals had been to the exhibition site and decided in advance which coaster they wanted, plus I must mention that there were folks there from up to an hour out of town. I dared to suggest that the wait staff would be distributing the coasters but this crowd was having none of that! They dragged the poor waitress over to show her which coaster they wanted her to bring them so we mutually (and under mock durass!) decided that if people felt that strongly about certain coasters then they should have them. But at 5 o'clock I realized the error of my ways by letting the event start early. We easily could have given out all the coasters in 30 minutes. So I decided not to put out any more coasters until 5:30 (I set out approximately 25) and the last batch went out at 6pm. People would gather 5-10 minutes in advance and then there was a friendly free-for-all of more swapping and exchanging and exclamations about their new treasures. It was a blast.

I had people calling me the following day telling me how much fun they had. I tried to impress on the crowd that they really needed to let their artist know that they picked out their coaster here in Tulsa OK.

Thank you again for everyone's help, I think it was a rounding success here!

Sincerely, Shan