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Email from Tel Aviv, Israel:

Lettter from the Mayor of Tel Aviv
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The Coaster Project exhibition was opened Sunday at noon, the 28th April, at the Tel-Aviv Cinematec. It was installed in the beautiful Gallery, dominating all the passages; to the conference Halls, to the movies-theaters and the cafe-shop.In addition to the exhibition's guests, many people arrived to the Spring Festival that was going on, at the same time so it increased the public.

During the week many kids, from different schools came for their educational activities, and they were genuinely interested and curious about the variety of the art object. The give away day was on Saturday evening 4th May. It was a big event. There were people that came "prepared" as what their choice was, others were very curious, surprised and happy to choose a coaster and learn about the project. It was a very special evening and event that will be remembered.

All the major newspapers wrote articles about the project (all of them in Hebrew, sorry). I'll send you photos from the event. I am proud to be part of this wonderful project.

Karmela Berg,
Tel Aviv, Israel