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Dear Mary,

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At last some news from this end of the globe! We have been going through some difficult times with communal riots so this was so good to do! I am sending some pictures we took of the first show on March 15th at the National Institute of Design. I invited everyone to pick up the coasters and arrange them whichever way they pleased and also to find and match the name to the coaster, trying to bring people together, more interactive like. Unfortunately we could not get many visitors from the city as the city was under curfew, so it was seen by students and staff of the Institute.

The next show, scheduled for April 15th at the Alliance Francais is being shifted to mid May as the situation in the city is still far from normal and we would like a larger audience. I hope this is OK! It would be a shame to just show it to a handful of people. The coasters are so innovative and the whole idea is so beautiful!

Congratulations Mary, it is a miracle that this is happening all over the world and we have all received the coasters and have been hearing from each other. The Alliance Francaise is going to write about it in their newsletter which I will send you once it is published.

Best Wishes


Nina Sabnani