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This is an email from Mary Sherman, telling about the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Dear Everyone,

Just to let you know: The coaster project give-away at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston was a mob scene. People had to get a card from one of the museum personnel and exchange it for a coaster as it was too jam-packed to have the bartenders give them away. (The coasters were all laid out on a table.) I tired to encourage anyone who got a coaster to email the person's whose coaster that they received. Hopefully they will do so. Also the curator of contemporary art arrived before the give-away so that she could see all the works. I'll keep you posted.
Best regards,
Mary Sherman
PS At the Fuller Museum of Art, a bunch of school kids wrote letters to the museum telling them how much they liked the coasters. I'll try to scan them for Caroline to put on the website. They're really amusing.