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Sharon Nakazato

Sharon Nakazato has been a student and teacher of Oriental Brush Calligraphy as well as Japanese language, arts, and culture for many years. Ms. Nakazato has exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Colorado, and Seattle, and is currently showing her work at The ARTery in Milford, PA, in addition to various locations throughout the Northern Westchester/Putnam area. In Sept, 2001, she received First Prize at the 29th Annual Fine Arts Exhibit at Levine Art Center.

Whether by the complete and broken lines of the I Ching, patterns on a palm, or a phrase in a cookie, few people can resist “a peek at their future.” Though most would say they don’t believe in fortune-telling for a moment, the power of the written word to imprint on the subconscious can be enormous. Those who live in East Asian countries where the written language is based on Chinese characters have since ancient times felt a special potency residing in their mysterious, often intricate shapes. Definitely when I am brushing them I can physically feel the distinct individual qualities in each one and can become sympathetic to the conviction that these movements in space somehow reflect the larger order of things in an energy-based universe. Believing that with prophecy it is always better to stack the deck in one’s favor, for my coasters I chose only the cards I would want to turn up for myself…