The Coaster Project / 78

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Mary Sherman
UNITED STATES, Massachusetts

Mary Sherman is one of the founding members of TransCultural Exchange and, along with Theodore Cantrell, the organizer of “The Coaster Project, Destination: The World.” Her works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including at New York City’s Trans Hudson Gallery, Chicago’s Oskar Friedl Gallery, Seoul’s Kwanhoon Art Gallery, Venice’s Instituto Universitario d’Architettura di Venezia and Vienna’s WUK Kunsthalle.


At a point when it is possible to re-shuffle music on a disc, slice and dice the human genome and re-compose images at will on a computer, the ability to think of non-computer based art as able to respond to more than the artist's desires is rare. Yet the idea of the artist as the sole arbitrator of a workÕs appearance seems, to me, to be an out-dated modernist notion at best. It is my hope to create situations in which art works actually might be able to be re-configured to create different moods and to adapt to the other elements in their environment as well as respond to them both physically and psychologically as well. Thus, this coaster is designed to lie flat on a table, stand up, or be pulled apart and rearranged in various ways to reflect the surroundings in which it finds itself. It also is made out of polished aluminum so that it can reflect back the world in which it finds itself. In that way 99 simultaneous, but unique reflections can exist around the world, untied by the memory that they originated from a common source - a single aluminum strip from which they were cut and from one person's among many's desire to bring the world closer together.