The Coaster Project / 53

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Marie-Anne Verougstraete

Bio: Marie-Anne Verougstraete, born in Dendermonde, Belgium, lived in France for twenty years before moving to Boston, USA.

Title: Self-portrait
Medium: Oil paint on acid free illustration board

All my coasters come from one 40" X 40" (approx. 1m X 1m) oil painting, a self-portrait, made after a passport photograph. I used a grid of 10 X 10 squares (= 100 squares or coasters) to enlarge and paint the image. Each coaster, cut from that grid, is numbered and has a photo of the self-portrait on the back. Like the passport photo and like me, the coasters are travelers to distant places. The colors black, yellow and red refer to my nationality (the colors of the Belgian flag); the green, to the color of my eyes. Although the use of a grid, oil paint, and the very subject of the self-portrait are traditional, the result, one hundred very small paintings, most of them abstract and some with recognizable details, is not.