The Coaster Project / 43

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Claro Ramirez

My art thrives on happenstance, deferring to involuntary and unplanned events as ready recognition of my own very human limitations. I work with givens—space, material, idea. With process and medium being of prime consequence to my work, I consciously keep attuned to visual clues left behind by my own and divine intervention. While my initial choice of material may be purposively aesthetic, theme is often enough drawn out of recent experience and circumstance.

My coasters are made of silicone and plastic screen mesh. I intentionally frayed their edges and applied an uneven layer of transparent silicone to liberally simulate the look of computer processor chips. I feel that these minute electronic information cores aptly signify the means of exchange this project exploits. These silicone attachments were actually peeled off from a series of paintings that were intended for a gallery/selling exhibit, the idea being to subvert the flow of commerce—that is from an object with an attached value, to one that is valued in its being price-free and being freely handed out.