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My work is heavily influenced by dreams and the subconscious, levels of being in which the language of symbols comes through loud and clear. I've always felt that dreams make some sort of intrinsic emotional sense, and that the key to the universe could be found in them, if it could be found anywhere at all. The starting point for my paintings is the belief that waking life is only part of the whole picture, while subliminal states show us a glimmer of the truth.

In my paintings, I try to bridge the gap between the everyday, familiar things that fill our lives and the intangible realities beneath the surface that I believe many people accept, but rarely acknowledge.


Selected Exhibitions:

Amos Eno Gallery, NYC
Lost & Found, May 1999

Clayton Street Gallery, Athens, GA May 1996

Times Square Lobby Gallery , NYC
Symbology, September 2002
The Coaster Project, March –May 2002, An exhibition at 97 sites worldwide, including:
The Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA
The Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO
Museo de la Ciudad, Guadalajara, Mexico
Espacio F Gallery, Madrid
A. I.R. Gallery, NYC Generations III, February 2002
Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC Postcards from the Edge, November 2001
Margaret Bodell Gallery, NYC NurtureArt Show, Dec. 2000
Meat Market Art Fair, NYC Represented by Mixed Greens, November 2000
Alexander & Bonin, NYC Postcards from the Edge, Dec. 1999
Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA MFA show, 1996
Alternate Current Art Space, Austin TX Women and Sexuality, 1993

Public Art:

CowParade NYC, May-Sept. 2000 Painted sculpture displayed outside of Penn Station, NYC
The Kids’ Exchange, Austin, TX 36-ft. outdoor mural at social services center, 1993.

Related Articles:

New Zealand Capital Times, "The Coaster Project" March 6, 2002
The New York Times, "Is Nothing Sacred?" May 31, 2000 p. B1

Art-Related Work Experience:

Art Reviewer, NY Arts Magazine, NYC Wrote feature articles and reviews of art exhibitions, 1998.
Drawing instructor, University of Georgia, Athens, GA Taught basic drawing and figure drawing classes as a graduate instructor (unsupervised TA). 1994-1996

Grants & Awards:

The Artists Foundation, NYC, grant, 1999
Change, Inc., NYC, grant, 1998
The University of Georgia, Graduate Assistantship, 1994-1996


MFA University of Georgia, 1996
Painting and drawing
BA University of Virginia, 1993
English and studio art