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People and The Things

The Medium: Watercolor and dye on cheesecloth, waxed linen thread

My installation consists of pieces of cheesecloth suspended from strands of thread. The installation occupies the width between two opposite walls which makes an interaction between the viewer and the work possible.
The installation synchronizes the fluidity of its space with the accumulation of color on its surfaces. The overlapping lengths of thread create complex contours of lines from which the soft masses of painted cheesecloths that dominate the space of the installation are suspended. The total effect of this layering of lines is a wavelike rhythm.
This installation is reminiscent of scenes of laundry hung out of doors that I have experienced since my childhood. I am affected by such scenes because they are themselves work of installation that are enacted everyday as part of our natural social ritual. Soaked in dyes of earth-brown color the once white waves have a worn look, wrinkled, soiled, muddied experience. The soil-brown colored cheesecloth represents the substance of a human being as well as the unstable way of hanging on lines depicts a form of being. The essence of being is debilitated by time and space within sameness.
My work involves putting art into a living context, thus expressing the harmony between nature and the everyday life of humans.


35 River Drive South #2116
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Tel: (201) 653-7116

Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY,
Currently attending Masters program in Retail and Gallery Art Administration
New York University, September 1995- December 1997
MA, Studio Art, 1998
Venice Program (Studio Art), New York University, Summer 1996
Kyungwon University, March 1990- December 1993
BFA, Asian Painting, 1994

Volunteer (Giorgio Armani), Guggenheim Museum, New York, Oct. 2000
Art Teacher, SungSoo Public School, Seoul, Korea, 1998- 1999
- responsible for studio art program: theory and history for over 100 students grades1-6
- responsible for all art activities for grades 1-6
- collaborative lesson planning with classroom teachers to enhance interdisciplinary objective Guest Curator, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Sep. 1999
- curating and organizing the international group show, designing the catalogue
- one of the six selected artist displayed in the show Intern,
Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea, Oct.-Dec.1998
- internship for "Time in Contemporary Art" exhibition
- assistant to curator: researching artists in the show, translating and editing the catalogue, installation of the art works.
Intern, Stephen Haller Gallery, 560 Broadway 6FL, New York, 1996
- gallery administration and assistant to curator

- Solo Show 98, 80 Washington Square Gallery, NY, Apr-May 1998
- Solo Show 97, Photo Gallery, NY, Oct. 1997
- Nomads Forever, Trans Hudson Gallery, NY, July 27-Aug 26, 2000
- 2000 London Biennial, London 2000
- Shared Banality, The D-dong exhibition hall, Kyounwon University, Korea, Oct. 1999
- NOMADS, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Sep.1999
- Dawonjeon, Han, SooKyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Dec.1998
- Stage Design for Judith Sloan's "Denial Of The Fittest", The Bronfman Center, NY, Feb.1998
- The Meaning of Light, The Bronfman Gallery, NY, Dec. 1997
- Clare e Gli Americani, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Bresia, Italy, July 1997 ongoing
- Group Show, Third Floor in Barney Building, NY, Mar. 1997
- Venice Show, Instituto Universitario Di Architettura 'Di Venezia, Venice, Italy, Aug. 1996

- The Korean Press, New York, NY, "TransCultural Exchange : Nomads Forever." Aug.2, 2000
-, London, England, "London Biennial Diary: TransCultural Exchange." May 29, 2000
- City Life, Seoul, Korea, "Nomads", Sep.10, 1999
- Cultural Avenues, Arirang Television, Seoul, Korea, Sep.15, 1999

Clare e Gli Americani Award, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Brescia, Italy, July 1996