Envisioning Opportunities for Change: Socially-Engaged Art at International Residencies

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Interior of a room, Lakkos Artist Residency, Heraklion, Greece

Lakkos Artist Residency, Heraklion, Greece

Lauren Cross, Artist, Curator and Director, WoCA Projects • www.wocaprojects.com

“Today,” Cross said during her talk, “my aim is not to present myself as an expert in socially-engaged art or even in international residencies that encourage social practice but as one who researches the potential for art to address questions of social justice. So what I hope to encourage is a dialogue where we can talk about possible strategies and things to consider for those interested in embarking upon socially-engaged projects internationally. I also intend to broaden our understanding of what socially-engaged art practices might be or can look like and discuss the possible challenges with engaging in art practices that are presented to provoke dialogue and potential for social change.”