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Claudine Hubert, Co-Director and Artistic Director, OBORO

Hubert presented OBORO, one of Montreal’s premiere not-for-profit arts centers. Founded in 1982 by Su Schnee and Daniel Dion with the intention of fostering transcultural artistic experiences, OBORO’s sphere of activity encompasses visual and media arts, performing arts, new technologies and emerging practices. The center organizes residencies, commissions, exhibitions, live performances and concerts, lectures and meetings, panel discussions, publications, workshops and experimental labs and online performances using information and communications technologies, as well as large-scale special events.1

Information about calls for proposals for upcoming residencies, exhibitions and projects at OBORO is available at www.oboro.net/en/page/exhibitions-residencies-special-projects.



[1] Information is paraphrased from “Mission, Structure and History,” OBORO, www.oboro.net/en/page/mission-structure-and-history.