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A video about the Transart Institute

Jean-Marie Casbarian, Advisor •

Founded and run by artists, Transart Institute is a student-centric program where students create their own course of study.

We are an independent, utopian art school without geographic location, offering creative practice graduate studies – both MFA and PhD programs, accredited by Plymouth University’s School of Art and Media. The students and faculty come from all over the globe and meet each summer in Berlin for three weeks and in New York City for a one-week term in January. Throughout the year, students continue to work wherever they live while being actively supported by their advisors, student-run critique groups and the Transart community.

Our gifted and informed student body includes recent graduates and mid-career artists; writers, scholars and thinkers who come to Transart to challenge and invigorate their practice by participating in intensive and immersive residencies that include workshops and seminars, presentations, critiques and peer dialogue. Ultimately, they become part of an international artistic research community.

“Trans” signifies a crossing, and the Transart Institute cultivates encounters between differing opinions and beliefs. It uses individual and collective experiences of contemporary life to broaden the meaning of Trans – transgress, translocate, transmit, translate, transdisciplinary. We encourage our students to expand their inquiry across whatever boundaries they choose to confront.

Along with our graduate degree programs, we offer a summer certificate program whereby artists may attend, solely for the experience, a three-week summer intensive in Berlin.

We're interested in collaborating and partnering with other institutions to create new models and initiatives to share. For example, many of our students are teachers who in turn start new programs. We also invite other schools and institutions to come and study our programs, which are in a constant state of evolution. 

The Transart Triennale brings together exhibitions and events including concerts, discussion groups, seminars and workshops, performances, screenings, critiques, tours and multi-author book launches.

ELSE is our journal of international art, literature, theory and creative media. We publish it annually and welcome submissions on various themes – we have an upcoming deadline for our Triennale issue, which comes out on September 15 and focuses on the “imperceptible self” – the idea of the nomadic state of contemporary existence; of moving through the sustainability of the egoless identity, otherness, collective horizons and everything in between.

As a utopian vision we believe all that is solid melts into air; that the pleasure of the text is valuable; that pleasure and participation are subversive and artistic research produces new knowledge. As Mark Roth, a recent and beloved alumnus, reminds us, “I don’t know if the world needs art, but I know it needs artists.”