Cross Cultural Collaborative

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Ellie Schimelman, Director, Cross Cultural Collaborative

I am here to tell you about an artists’ residency program located in a fishing village in Ghana.
The location was chosen so that participants can interact on a personal level with our Ghanaian neighbors. One of the reasons I started this residency is because I saw people coming to Ghana and having a superficial experience with very little real interaction with the locals. The mission of Cross Cultural Collaborative is to create a space where people can interact in a supportive atmosphere; where all ages, races and artistic levels can build a community of creative co-existence. We work with traditional and contemporary African artisans, creative children, visiting teachers, artists, volunteers and anyone committed to cultural exchange and understanding. We ask each visiting artist to mentor one of our awesome children. We believe that everyone is a student and a teacher and that you get as much as you give when you participate in our program. Working in a culture different from your own forces you out of your comfort zone and, if approached in the right spirit, gives you new insight into yourself and others. I will end by inviting you to Ghana. You'll stay in our guest house/cultural center across the street from the ocean, and I promise a life-changing experience.