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Iris Hung, Managing Director, Artist-in-Residence Program, Bamboo Curtain Studio

First of all, I would like to thank the Ministry of Taiwan and TransCultural Exchange for giving us this opportunity to introduce Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) here. Our studio is located in the northern part of Taiwan, next to a bicycle path along the bank of the Tamsui river. It is a 10-minute walk from the Zhuwei MRT station and about a 30-minute commute from downtown Taipei. We like to say we are at the edge of the city and the edge of nature. From the image above, you can clearly see that we are surrounded by a diverse environment.

Bamboo Curtain Studio is a repurposed farm with six rooms and studios for artists-in-residence; a space for exhibition and a multi-functional performance space; an exchange center; a ceramics and sculpture studio; a community kitchen; and an outdoor stage, plaza and gardens.

Last year BCS celebrated its 20th anniversary. Our slogan all year was “Share, Connect, Co-create” – we share our resources and experiences, bring people together and hope to co-create things together. We believe that artistry and creativity are core values of any civilized society. In recent years, we at the Studio have been focused on ecology and the environment. We also host community engagement and arts education projects and welcome artists who also work in these fields.

Margaret Shiu established Bamboo Curtain Studio as an alternative space in 1995. She cares about the space and the talented people who make use of it, and she shares knowledge and resources with them.

Over the past 21 years, we have received more than 400 artists from 22 different countries in Europe, the US, North Asia and Southeast Asia. We also care deeply about emerging and indigenous artists in Taiwan, and we help them to challenge themselves artistically and reach out into the art world more during their residencies.

BCS offers several artists-in-residence programs: a two-way exchange program, a project-oriented program, a self-funded program and a creative talent program. For artists accepted into the creative talent program, we provide two months’ residency at the Studio at no cost. The annual open call for applications begins in October. Check it out (noting that we prefer artists whose work is cross-disciplinary and projects that engage with ecology and the environment.)

Last but not least, BCS is also responsible for maintaining Taiwan’s Arts Residency Network (, a bilingual website that provides information about artist-in-residence programs in Taiwan and abroad. The information is very useful. Please feel free to check it out as well.