Hour-Long Workshop: Selling Your Books to World Markets through International Book Fairs

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Irene Smalls, Award-winning Author of 15 books for Children (Published by Little Brown, Simon and Schuster and Scholastic Press) and Two-time Presenter at the White House www.irenesmalls.com

In this practical how-to session on exhibiting at international book fairs, Smalls covered: book signings and events, legal concerns, language barriers, accommodations, book fair characteristics, funding, booth design, portfolio presentation packages, staffing, exhibit budgets, shipping and in-country VAT payments. The author also shared tips on interacting with book fair staff to learn about promotions, parties and events. Smalls noted that artists existing in a global economy have to have viable economic models to sell their products. “The US is a stable book market,” she said, “but the international book market has the greatest potential for growth. Presenting at international book conferences provides opportunities to sell books, learn about the latest trends and initiatives, launch one’s brand worldwide, make international contacts and promote one’s book and book products globally.”