Transforming Practices: New Ways of Approaching Traditional Forms

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CÚcile Vulliemin, Project Leader for Art/Sciences Programs, swissnex Boston and Exhibition Coordinator, Hors Pistes Association

Vuillemin spoke about Hors Pistes Association,link to: an organization for which she is the Exhibition Coordinator.

“Off piste, it means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives. It is to overcome the preconceived ideas of others than oneself, to escape from one's comfort zone, to open one's horizons and to be surprised. It is taking paths that we did not suspect existed, but that make us grow and learn.

“Hors Pistes develops educational projects on an international and local scale:
- sending, receiving and coordinating young people in European voluntary service
- intercultural training for professionals
- intercultural youth exchanges
- international internship opportunities for jobseekers
- an intercultural sponsorship program between local and migrant inhabitants
- time for training, awareness and animation for many audiences”
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