Opening Keynote: The Internet: The Future of Artists’ Residencies

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:: Scroll down to view the Artist, Designer and Co-Director of Research, Society for Arts and Technology Luc Courchesne's presentation below ::

The front doors of SAT (societie +art+technologie) in Montreal

Fish-eye view of SAT interior

Photo Credit: Society for Arts and Technology

Luc Courchesne, Artist, Designer and Co-Director of Research, Society for Arts and Technology •

In our times, space is the thing. It is physical, virtual, augmented, mixed, mediated. The challenge we all face is that of learning how to inhabit this space across physical distance. We must learn to work across time zones; to connect with one another from North to South and East to West.

The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) is...

·          An independent, not-for-profit center for research, creation, production, presentation/distribution, training and documentation

·          A building in downtown Montréal divided into several departments that serve different purposes:

o    Research: Metalab

o    Production: Labodome

o    Creation: Residency Spaces

o    Formation: Campus SAT

o    Restaurant: FoodLab

o    Immersive Theater: Satosphere

·          An urban hub and a networked node that participates in a global creative economy

·          A social innovation lab

·          A family of interests

People are invited to the SAT to be…

·          Leaders and human resources in residence

·          Artists-in-residence

SAT’s future goals are…

·          To spread the urban hub model across the world

·          To create a virtual SAT as rich and potent as the physical one

·          To seamlessly integrate the virtual SAT with the physical one

Our research opens new spaces for interaction and exchange...

·          EPH (espaces physiques hybrides/hybrid physical spaces)

·          EVC (espaces virtuels collaboratifs/collaborative virtual spaces)