Morning Keynote: Public Art; Public Space

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Florian Dombois, Artist and Professor, Zurich University of the Arts


Florian Dombois spoke about his recent public art commission for the reconstruction of the state parliament in Potsdam, Germany, entitled Zugabe (Encore). Zugabe consists of two pavilions modeled on Frederick the Great's Sanssouci Castle (also in Potsdam), designed with a twist that simultaneously pays homage to Sanssouci and lays bare the artifice often inherent in historical reconstructions – in this case, that of the new parliament. Dombois also talked about how the “castles” he created for the inner courtyard combine advanced modeling with traditional crafts to support his provocative commentary.

Additional German-language information about the competition for the state parliament commission, including an interview with Dombois, can be found here.