Regional Overview of Artist-in-Residence Programs: Taiwan


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Margaret Shiu, Founder and Artistic Director, Bamboo Curtain Studio ·


Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the Bamboo Curtain Studio “aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for visitors from national and international art related fields, for short visits or specific projects.”1

Margaret Shiu established Bamboo Curtain Studio as an alternative space in 1995, along the banks of the Tamsui river. Today, it is a repurposed farm with six rooms and studios for artists-in-residence; a space for exhibition and a multi-functional performance space; an exchange center; a ceramics and sculpture studio; a community kitchen; and an outdoor stage, plaza and gardens. Over the past 21 years, it has hosted individually-tailored residencies for more than 400 artists from 22 countries in Europe, the US, North Asia and Southeast Asia.

In particular, the studio was established to provide the following resources to artists:

1. Working space and equipment for ceramists, sculptors and mixed media artists
2. Consultative, research and implementation services for arts related projects
3. Production of site-specific arts in public spaces
4. Space for experimentation and development of multi-media art2

Bamboo Curtain Studio offers several artist-in-residence programs: a two-way exchange program, a project-oriented program, a self-funded program and a creative talent program. For artists accepted into the creative talent program, the studio provides two months’ residency at no cost. The annual open call for applications begins in October.

In addition to being a regional representative of the International Network of Culture Diversity and Arts Network Asia, as well as Taiwan’s representative at the World Culture Forum Asia-Pacific, Bamboo Curtain Studio is also responsible for maintaining Taiwan’s Arts Residency Network (, a bilingual website that provides information about artist-in-residency programs in Taiwan and abroad.

For more information about Bamboo Curtain, see the Pecha Kucha presentation by Iris Hung, the studio’s Managing Director.

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