Regional Overview of Artist-in-Residence Programs: Spain

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Book cover for A/I/R Array

Marta Gracia, Author, Spanish Artist in Residence Programmes: An Overview, and Director, Art Motile ●

Due to copyright restrictions, the images from Marta Gracia’s presentation could not be included in this online archive.

The selection of artist-in-residence programs listed below is drawn from a list made for the ‘Regional Overviews of Artist Opportunities’ panel. The programs were selected based on two criteria: they are illustrative of the transformations in the art world and the artist-in-residency field during the current years of financial and public policy crisis in Spain; and they all offer open calls for local and international artists. However, this selection of programs is neither complete nor intended as an illustrative overview of the AIR programs in Spain.

Hangar, Barcelona (1997)
PACA, Trubia (2014)
La Postiza, La Cueva (2014)
hablarenarte: Curators' Network, Madrid – International (2010)
Tabakalera, Donosti (2015)
Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (2013)
Espai Colona, Barcelona (2014)

For more information, please see AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes available here. AIR Array is a compilation of content developed during AIR ARRAY: Meeting of Artist in Residence Programmes and Mobility Workshop for Artists, an event held at Matadero Madrid and Casa de Velázquez at the Académie de France à Madrid in March 2015. The publication features summaries of activities that took place over the three days of the event, as well as essays that further explore the key issues raised. Topics covered include:

· Practical advice for setting up and successfully running a residency

· How residencies can communicate their activities effectively

· How artists, residencies and anyone else involved in culture can approach the phenomenon of AIR programs from an ethical point of view 

· What position AIR programs have in relation to the rest of the contemporary art ecosystem 

· Advice for artists thinking of participating in an AIR program or starting their own

· Practical tools and links for anyone conducting research or wishing to learn more about mobility opportunities for artists