Bashed on the Head: Global and Local Tensions in the Life of an Artist

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Moderator: Jean-Yves Coffre, Director, Centre d’art Marnay Art Centre (Camac)

The idea for this panel came after last year’s first attack in Paris, and it is important to talk about the role of artists, curators, cultural institutions, etc. in this society; to try to have a global voice about understanding. At Camac, for example, when we receive members of the public, school groups or children, we always explain that making art, or seeing art, is a way to understand one another – it's the beginning of a dialogue. A residency is also a unique opportunity to bring together people from many different cultures and religions to create dialogue and collaboration. It is a space for freedom and free expression. Faced with this situation, many people protect themselves. It’s an immediate reaction that is easily forgotten even a few days later, when people return to their everyday lives. As artists, our role is to change this society, to make them react and to demonstrate understanding in our own everyday lives. So how can we do that, and what is our role? Do we have to change something? How? Why? What do we have to do? 

Coffre also gave a Pecha Kucha on Camac (Centre d’art Marnay Art Centre) available here.