Contemporary Art in Health Care Environments

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:: Scroll down to view the Director of the London Arts in Health Forum Damian Hebron's presentation below ::

Damian Hebron, Director, London Arts in Health Forum ●

Head of Arts, Cambridge University Hospitals ●

Damian Hebron presented the London Arts in Health Forum, a membership organization that aims to develop the role of culture in well-being and to promote and support the arts in health activities across London and the nation. With nearly 3,000 members, the organization offers support, training and events for arts professionals, health workers and health care recipients. It also supports and promotes the role of the arts in health care and well-being by providing research and information.1

[1] The above information is paraphrased from the London Arts in Health Forum’s website,, which was accessed on October 11, 2016.

More information on her work can be found on her website