Artist-in-Residence: An Exhibition Enhancement and More

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Text Image stating 'Bridging cultures through creative production, collaboration and exchange'

Speaker on stage reading with 'Create Literature in Residence' superimposed over the image

Helene Larsson Pousette, Curator, Swedish History Museum •

For her presentation, Larsson Pousette spoke about artist collaborations and artist-in-residency opportunities at the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. She discussed History Unfolds, an interactive program which fosters discussion about “the way we present Swedish history, how cultural heritage and history are created, and how this in turn affects our view of society. How is cultural heritage defined and who defines it? In partnership with artists, we aim to make the invisible visible, to explore what has been concealed and forgotten, and to produce new art works.”
She also presented the Create in Residence program, an international and multidisciplinary program initiated by the Swedish institute, in which artists engage in a three-month residency and cultural exchange. More information on the Create in Residence program can be found at