The conference was possible thanks to the efforts of these people:

  Volunteer Staff  
Ani Belichkov Kyle Brown Sarah Brown
Monica Chiang Melinda Cross Eileen De Rosas
Abby Frank Holly Herring Katherine Higgins
Chenshayang Huang Christopher Hung Xing Jiang
Sarah Kariko Al Link Fandang Liu
Yinmeng Liu Megan McCarthy Deborah McDuff
Bess Paupek Josue Rojas Don Schaefer
Taylor Smith Nikoletta Kanakis Xiaoyang Wang
Anne Wright Xin Xu Akiko Yamagat
Anto Astudillo Blake Brascher Josh Kastorf
Robert Chen Don Mo Bill Morse
Elisabeth Neville Xiaodong Wu Bo Yang

And special thanks to Jenny Cho for acting as President Park and Professor Choi's translator; Joe Upham for his superb work as a dj; Rudi Punzo for creating all the conference website pages; and all the Conference speakers and moderators - many of whom came half-way around the world to join us.



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