In 2007, working with the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth's Center for Policy Analysis, a survey methodology was devised and created, which appropriately evaluates TransCultural Exchange's programs and services as well as assesses the economical, social and cultural impact of the organization's activities. Surveys were given to attendees at TransCultural Exchange's past four conferences. In addition to rating TransCultural Exchange’s programs - qualitatively and quantitatively - and providing demographic information, questionnaires asked for the number and kind of programs the artists participated in as a result of TransCutlural Exchange's initiatives and the effects of that participation. Six months out from the Conference, more than half the artists can state a direct tangible outcome: such as an exhibition, residency invitation or successful grant application.

This data was then cross-tabulated to access the programs’ successes from different vantage points. As the report (see link below) shows, TransCultural Exchange and similar international art exchange programs definitively stimulate economic growth, make for more vibrant, stable and tolerant societies and advance not only the arts but also cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary engagement.

2013 International Artist Exchanges' Creative and Economic Impact Report


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